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OCDLA will now be presenting online continuing legal education (CLE) events thru Zoom Webinars.

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How to defend clients from charges related to pregnancy

2-2:30 - Deborah Small, Esq. on how drug policing and fetal personhood efforts fit in our history of slavery, racism, and the war on drugs and the need for reform and reallocation of resources

2:30-3:15 - Dan Arshack, Esq., Consulting Attorney with NAPW and counsel on the Oklahoma case of Kathryn Green, on the current state of the law, how to approach these cases, what legal arguments are left, preserving issues for appeal, and introducing factual challenges

3:15-3:25 BREAK

3:25-4:10 - Dr. Stephanie Pierce, Assistant Professor of Maternal Fetal Medicine, OB/GYN, University of Oklahoma School of Medicine, on what is knowable or not (e.g. the cause of a stillbirth is almost never known), the actual effects (or lack thereof) of substance use on the development of a pregnancy, differentiating the effects of different substances, and other risk factors that might be alternate causes of a stillbirth

4:10-4:50 - Dr. Mishka Terplan, Senior Physician Research Scientist at Friends Research Institute, Board Certified Physician in Addiction Medicine and Obstetrics/Gynecology, on what is addiction, what are things to know about your client and bring to a jury or sentencing, and the public health impacts of criminalization

4:50-5pm - Questions and Closing

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Course Description: Diagnostically Difficult Forensic Cases: Logistics, Ethics, and Case Examples

The presentation considers the purposes of a forensic autopsy or case review, focusing on cases in which the original forensic pathologist / medical examiner or other expert made a non-evidence-based diagnosis without scientific foundation, thereby catalyzing criminal charges or medical malpractice lawsuits. In many of these cases, simple searches of readily-available forensic literature, much of it in well-known book or journal form on most MEs shelves, could have prevented the defendant’s misery. The presentation will extrapolate from these cases to touch upon commonly encountered errors, confirmation biases, the logical fallacy of post hoc ergo propter hoc, as well as basic medical and forensic ethical principles to which all forensic scientists should adhere and be examined upon in criminal or civil proceedings. To quote Saukko and Knight: “over-interpretation […] regrettably still leads to instances of miscarriage of justice.” After the presentation, the attendees will:

  • § Identify some possible “overreaches” of forensic pathology interpretation
  • § Be aware of some limitations of the gross and microscopic examination
  • § Know common errors of interpretation of toxicology by medical examiners
  • § Discuss basic competencies vis-à-vis a medical examiner’s ability to interpret observations during death investigation and autopsy

SPEAKER: Gregory J. Davis, MD, FCAP

Professor & Director, Division of Forensic Consultation Services

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Department of Toxicology and Cancer Biology

University of Kentucky College of Medicine

Consultant to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Commonwealth of Kentucky

800 Rose Street, Suite MS 117

Lexington, Kentucky 40536-0298

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