How do I get access the The OCDLA Listserve?

To Access the OCDLA's Listerve you must be a current member of the OCDLA.

When are my OCDLA membership dues due?

OCDLA membership term is yearly, January 1 to December 31. Dues notices will be sent out in January of the current year and are due upon reciept.

If a new member joins in the last quarter of the year, their membership will be continued into the following year.

When is the new My Little Green Book going to be available?

The new edition of OCDLA's famous My Little Green Book is available now. The Little Green Book is available to OCDLA members, so make sure you join now so you will receive yours.

Please contact us here with any questions about your membership status.

If you received a Little Green Book in 2017, then in 2018 you will receive your case law update with your membership renewal. It will come with the pages numbered so you can insert them into your current copy of the Little Green Book. These will be mailed out in March

The OCDLA also presents a copy of the "My Little Green Book" to all sitting Judges in the great State of Oklahoma(All high courts also). So as a member, when you are in the courtroom you and the Judge will have quick access to all the info your "My Little Green Book" provides but someone else in the courtroom will not.