Virtual CDI-November 2020 Programs


Offender Screening & Alternative Courts

MCLE: 2 Hours

MATERIALS: Offender Screening
Alternative Courts

Speaker: Nathan Rhea & Dedra Hansbro, ODMHSAS

Sean Presley, Erika Jefferds , Tulsa Co. Alternative Courts

live date : on demand now

Representing a Foreign National Defendant

MCLE: 2 Hours

MATERIALS: Immigration CLE Materials

Speaker: Diana Rashid Managing Attorney, National Immigration Justice Center

Diana is the managing attorney of the NIJC Adult Detention Project. In addition to supervising NIJC’s detention team, she also manages NIJC’s Legal Orientation Program (LOP) and provides trainings and consultations to criminal defense attorneys through NIJC’s Defender’s Initiative program. Hena works on all areas of immigration law as they pertain to detained immigrants but has a special interest in the intersection between criminal and immigration law.

live date : on demand now

A 20/20 Look at Firearms Law in 2020

MCLE: 2 Hours

MATERIALS: Gun Law Powerpoint
2020 Look @ Firearms Law

Speaker: William Campbell, Oklahoma City, OK

Mr. Campbell began his legal career when he received his Legal Intern license in 1980, while still in law school. As an intern with a highly respected Oklahoma City criminal defense lawyer, he learned the extent Federal and State Governments would go to obtain convictions. When he became a fully licensed attorney in 1982, he opened his private practice which has been in continuous operation since that time. While the practice has engaged in many areas of the law, the primary focus has been criminal defense.

live date : on demand now