List Serve

In 1999 the organization initiated the OCDLA List Serve. Think of the List Serve as a resource of a 400+ person law firm that specializes in criminal law. Since its inception, over 100,000 messages have been posted. It is not unusual for a member, who is in a jury trial, during a recess or lunch break, to post an emergency request for assistance on an pressing issue and to receive case law cites and statutory authority before court reconvenes, to help win the issue! Nor is it unusual for a member to ask for a “scouting report” on a judge or district attorney in a county they have a case pending and are not familiar with the judge or district attorneys usual routine.

You must be a current, approved member to access the OCDLA List Serve. If you have any questions please email us at

The email posts on the OCDLA List Serve are intended for current, approved OCDLA members only. Any transmission or disclosure of these email posts outside of the OCDLA List Serve could result in removal from the OCDLA List Serve and/or OCDLA membership revocation.